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Coronavirus Canada plans to lift ban on flights from India next week with new COVID-19 protocols
2021-09-22 13:57:52 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Ontario vaccine receipt website not working on first day of new
2021-09-22 13:56:55 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Libertyville hospital that was ordered to let COVID-19 patient receive ivermectin says controversial medication is putting her at risk
2021-09-22 13:49:54 EST Source URL
COVID19 Potent neutralization of SARS-CoV-2 variants of concern by an antibody with an uncommon genetic signature and structural mode of spike recognition
2021-09-22 13:42:54 EST Source URL
COVID19_sp NPR Predicts Covid cases will drop steadily into March
2021-09-22 13:42:24 EST Source URL
Coronavirus US to send additional 500 million doses of Covid-19 vaccines to foreign nations in 2022
2021-09-22 13:22:21 EST Source URL
Coronavirus “Ultra-potent” antibody against COVID-19 variants isolated | Vanderbilt University Medical Center
2021-09-22 13:04:59 EST Source URL
Coronavirus 4 times Florida’s new surgeon general bucked the coronavirus consensus
2021-09-22 12:54:31 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Arizona reports over 70 more COVID deaths 2nd day in a row
2021-09-22 12:47:37 EST Source URL
Coronavirus COVID-19 surpasses 1918 flu as deadliest pandemic in U.S. history
2021-09-22 12:33:17 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Students exposed to COVID can still go to school if asymptomatic, Florida’s new surgeon general issues rule
2021-09-22 12:28:45 EST Source URL
COVID19 Attendance in education and early years settings during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, Week 38 2021
2021-09-22 12:25:31 EST Source URL
Coronavirus More than one in a hundred school children in England have COVID-19, but absences are lower than in July because whole classes no longer isolate.
2021-09-22 12:24:34 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Video FDA expected to approve booster shot for Pfizer COVID vaccine
2021-09-22 12:24:09 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Ford calls for patience as Ontario's vaccine certificate system kicks in, 463 new COVID-19 cases logged
2021-09-22 12:14:10 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Idaho’s COVID outlook is dire as cases continue to climb
2021-09-22 11:43:38 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Romania's COVID infections hit 2021 record as schools reopen
2021-09-22 11:40:30 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Moderna vs. Pfizer: Both Knockouts, but One Seems to Have the Edge
2021-09-22 11:35:34 EST Source URL
Coronavirus COVID-19 may impair men’s sexual performance
2021-09-22 11:32:20 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Unvaccinated should get priority for an effective early covid-19 treatment, some officials say
2021-09-22 11:29:25 EST Source URL
Coronavirus [SINGAPORE] - High of 1,457 new Covid-19 cases in S'pore; 3 more deaths bring total to 68
2021-09-22 11:22:51 EST Source URL
Coronavirus U.S. to donate 500 million more vaccine doses to lower-income countries — The additional doses will bring the total number of shots the U.S. plans to donate to 1.1 billion.
2021-09-22 11:22:08 EST Source URL
COVID19_sp Why aren't people as optimistic as some weeks ago anymore? Why do they all saying the same things as if it's March 2020 again?
2021-09-22 11:21:47 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Singapore reports 1,457 COVID-19 cases, highest since April last year
2021-09-22 11:21:06 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Quebec to table bill banning anti-vaccine protests near schools and hospitals
2021-09-22 11:20:16 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Lithuania to donate another 235,900 vaccine shots to Taiwan
2021-09-22 11:12:26 EST Source URL
COVID19 The lesson of ivermectin: meta-analyses based on summary data alone are inherently unreliable
2021-09-22 11:11:12 EST Source URL
COVID19_sp Llamas could help us make a nasal spray to prevent/stop early infections!
2021-09-22 11:02:49 EST Source URL
COVID19_sp The U.S. Is Buying 500 Million More Pfizer Vaccine Doses To Donate To Other Countries : NPR
2021-09-22 10:52:26 EST Source URL
COVID19 Alterations in CD39/CD73 Axis of T cells associated with COVID-19 severity
2021-09-22 10:51:31 EST Source URL
COVID19_sp I have a pre-existing condition but not an extreme one, should I get the third shot?
2021-09-22 10:48:45 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Americans are dying at almost 10 times the rate of July; US to provide 500M more doses to developing nations.
2021-09-22 10:47:44 EST Source URL
Coronavirus COVID-19 May Impair Men's Sexual Performance
2021-09-22 10:42:09 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Fort Campbell Hospital Swamped With Sick COVID Patients, Despite Army's Vaccine Mandate
2021-09-22 10:34:18 EST Source URL
COVID19 Veklury® (Remdesivir) Significantly Reduced Risk of Hospitalization in High-Risk Patients with COVID-19
2021-09-22 10:16:46 EST Source URL
COVID19 Covid-19 in the Phase 3 Trial of mRNA-1273 During the Delta-variant Surge
2021-09-22 10:11:53 EST Source URL
COVID19_sp Would blood in your nose ruin a Covid test?
2021-09-22 10:04:38 EST Source URL
COVID19 Clover’s COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate Demonstrates 79% Efficacy Against Delta in Global Phase 2/3 SPECTRA Trial Dominated by Variants of Concern and Interest
2021-09-22 09:53:42 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Doctors worry if child COVID cases don't slow down, it could overwhelm hospitals
2021-09-22 09:53:19 EST Source URL
Coronavirus CDC COVID-19 transmission map of US is almost completely red
2021-09-22 09:37:53 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Pfizer says its vaccine is safe for children 5 to 11. Will parents buy in?
2021-09-22 09:32:00 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Hospitals overwhelmed by covid are turning to ‘crisis standards of care.’ What does that mean?
2021-09-22 09:25:58 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Postcard from an overrun ICU: ‘The problem is we are running out of hallways’
2021-09-22 09:21:46 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Israel’s struggles to contain COVID-19 may be a warning for other nations
2021-09-22 09:16:20 EST Source URL
Coronavirus ICU nurse says Upstate hospital facing nurse shortage, staff is 'drowning'
2021-09-22 09:15:55 EST Source URL
Coronavirus [Vietnam] COVID green cards to be issued for people to resume public activities
2021-09-22 09:14:51 EST Source URL
Coronavirus [Vietnam] COVID-19 efforts may be ruined by neglecting health warnings: health experts
2021-09-22 09:13:47 EST Source URL
Coronavirus [Vietnam] Việt Nam reports an additional 11,527 COVID-19 cases on Wednesday
2021-09-22 09:12:06 EST Source URL
Coronavirus U.S. parents weigh risks, benefits as COVID-19 vaccine for kids nears approval
2021-09-22 09:00:26 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Clark County declares COVID misinformation a ‘public health crisis’
2021-09-22 08:55:34 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Experts eye more travel testing to contain COVID in Hawaii
2021-09-22 08:47:01 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Australia: Federal government hopes to reopen international border by Christmas 'at the latest'
2021-09-22 08:25:45 EST Source URL
Coronavirus SFO becomes first U.S. airport to require vaccinations for all on-site workers
2021-09-22 07:56:47 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Clark County declares COVID falsehoods a health crisis
2021-09-22 07:51:47 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Germany: health minister Jens Spahn expects pandemic to end in spring 2022
2021-09-22 07:42:38 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Ravaged by war, Syrian rebel area struggles with virus surge
2021-09-22 07:38:57 EST Source URL
COVID19 No Vaccine, No Entry! Brazilian President Kicked out of a NYC Restaurant
2021-09-22 07:24:57 EST Source URL
Coronavirus U.S. raising world vaccine pledge to more than 1.1 billion doses
2021-09-22 07:22:07 EST Source URL
COVID19_sp How do I convince myself that gloves aren’t necessary anymore for covid protection?
2021-09-22 07:15:50 EST Source URL
Coronavirus UK to send 1m Covid vaccine doses to South Korea in swap deal
2021-09-22 07:14:59 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Covid: Immune therapy from llamas shows promise
2021-09-22 07:07:51 EST Source URL
COVID19 Recovered covid patients deserve same status as those who’ve been vaccinated. It’s just true.
2021-09-22 06:58:35 EST Source URL
Coronavirus U.S. to donate millions more Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine doses to poorer nations
2021-09-22 06:33:54 EST Source URL
Coronavirus The U.S. Is Buying 500 Million More Pfizer Vaccine Doses To Donate To Other Countries
2021-09-22 06:17:02 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Victoria makes COVID vaccines compulsory for all school staff as 628 new cases recorded
2021-09-22 06:04:54 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Russia registers 19,179 daily COVID-19 infections
2021-09-22 05:50:55 EST Source URL
COVID19 UK vaccine swap with South Korea in joint effort against COVID-19
2021-09-22 05:42:46 EST Source URL
COVID19 Llama antibodies have "significant potential" as potent Covid-19 treatment
2021-09-22 05:40:48 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Postcard From An Overrun ICU: ‘The Problem Is We Are Running Out Of Hallways’
2021-09-22 05:38:41 EST Source URL
COVID19 80s Video On Mandatory Seatbelts Goes Viral For Anti-Masker Similarities
2021-09-22 05:35:14 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Covishield: India outcry over UK not recognising jab
2021-09-22 05:25:07 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Is The Worst Over? Modelers Predict A Steady Decline In COVID Cases Through March
2021-09-22 05:17:08 EST Source URL
Coronavirus COVID in Israel: Unvaccinated drive slight increase in serious cases
2021-09-22 05:15:31 EST Source URL
Coronavirus You Might Want to Wait to Get a Booster Shot
2021-09-22 05:08:39 EST Source URL
Coronavirus NSW records 1,035 new COVID-19 cases and five deaths as 'vaccine passport' trial announced
2021-09-22 04:50:58 EST Source URL
COVID19 Single-Dose SARS-CoV-2 Vaccination With BNT162b2 and AZD1222 Induce Disparate Th1 Responses and IgA Production
2021-09-22 04:26:56 EST Source URL
China_flu Israel said asking US, EU: Apply our new rules on boosters to Israeli arrivals
2021-09-22 04:22:38 EST Source URL
Coronavirus COVID-19: Should countries send vaccines abroad instead of giving booster jabs?
2021-09-22 03:42:55 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Highest coronavirus infection rate is now among children, but figures in Spain are falling for all ages
2021-09-22 03:36:07 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Daily Discussion Thread | September 22, 2021
2021-09-22 03:00:18 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Covid-19: Study that claimed boys are at increased risk of myocarditis after vaccination is deeply flawed, say critics
2021-09-22 02:54:46 EST Source URL
COVID19 A novel B.1.1.523 SARS-CoV-2 variant that combines many spike mutations linked to immune evasion with current variants of concern
2021-09-22 02:24:10 EST Source URL
COVID19 Strong humoral immune responses against SARS-CoV-2 Spike after BNT162b2 mRNA vaccination with a sixteen-week interval between doses
2021-09-22 02:21:13 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Covid-19: After losing both parents to coronavirus, many such orphans in Malaysia may also lose their future | Malaysia
2021-09-22 01:42:47 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Between Covid-19 and the flu, health care professionals are bracing themselves for the winter ahead, expert says
2021-09-22 01:18:17 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Singapore doing its best to scale up Covid-19 operations, make sure all patients well cared for: PM Lee
2021-09-22 01:16:23 EST Source URL
COVID19_sp So nervous about first jab.
2021-09-22 01:16:21 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Portugal hits 80 per cent fully vaccinated, declares victory over the coronavirus
2021-09-22 00:38:52 EST Source URL
COVID19_sp Dad just tested positive today. We're all vaccinated. They're not taking it seriously.
2021-09-22 00:36:28 EST Source URL
Coronavirus ‘COVID has changed’: Ohio’s hospitalizations among those under 50 reach record-high levels
2021-09-22 00:35:05 EST Source URL
Coronavirus US Education Department investigating Texas' ban on school mask mandates
2021-09-22 00:31:30 EST Source URL
Coronavirus [Singapore] COVID-19: Home recovery patients 'anxious' without clear instructions, set up Telegram group for support
2021-09-21 23:52:12 EST Source URL
Coronavirus Former FDA Head Scott Gottlieb's Lessons For Controlling The Next Pandemic
2021-09-21 23:42:25 EST Source URL
China_flu Study - Antiandrogens Reduce COVID Hospitalization, Deaths, And Disease Progression (Dr. Syed)
2021-09-21 23:09:54 EST Source URL
Coronavirus S. Korea: New cases over 1,700 for 2nd day; concerns grow over post-holiday surge
2021-09-21 23:02:01 EST Source URL
Coronavirus TX Restaurant Owner Doubles Down after Kicking Couple Out for Wearing Masks to Protect Infant
2021-09-21 22:53:32 EST Source URL

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